Community Services

Music & Moments offers a wide range of music therapy services that can complement the current offerings in your community. These services are designed to help meet the needs of your residents, patients, family members and staff.hands

  • Group Music Therapy: For groups of 8-12 participants; these sessions help enhance group cohesion and create opportunities for self-expression in a safe environment.
  • Individual Sessions: For individuals; one-to-one sessions between the client and music therapist can help to increase orientation and engagement while potentially decreasing anxiety and distress.
  • Couple Sessions: For couples; these music therapy experiences are designed to help couples communicate and reconnect through non-verbal engagement. One or both participants in the session could be a resident within your community
  • Family Sessions: For families; these sessions are designed to give families an opportunity for positive interactions and to reminisce with their loved one who is a resident in your community
  • Hospice Music Therapy: For individuals, couples and families; these sessions can help persons during this transition as they near the end of their life. In some cases, it could nurse2provide opportunities for residents to spend meaningful time with family members and create legacy work.
  • Caregiver Connection Workshop: For family members; this workshop teaches caregivers some strategies to maximize time that they spend visiting their loved ones who are residing in your community.
  • Professional Caregiver Training: For staff persons; this training program is designed to help staff learn some musical approaches that can help to manage behavioral symptoms in residents and to help those who are communicating distress
  • Professional Caregiver Refresh: For staff persons who have previously completed the training; a refresh session to help keep techniques relevant and current as client needs change.

For more information and to learn about our pricing structure, please contact us today!

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